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Three Simple Steps To Financial Peace

Step #1: Attend A Workshop

Step #1: Attend A Workshop

Let us buy you dinner and teach you about our financial beliefs.  Understanding our beliefs will help you determine if we are the right advisor for you.

Step #2: A Private Discussion

Step #2: A Private Discussion

During our first meeting, we will learn a lot about each other.  We will ask a lot of questions to better understand your goals and determine if we are the right advisors to help you to reach them.

Step #3: Green Line Analysis

Step #3: Green Line Analysis

After our first meeting, our staff will draft a unique analysis of your personal financial goals and create a strategy for you.  We will discuss plans to implement the strategies effectively together as partners in making your dreams a reality.

Cothrine Financial Is Committed To Helping You With…

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Understanding Your Goals

We will always listen first to understand what your plans are if you live too long, die too soon, or become sick unexpectedly.

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Implementing Your Strategy

Our first priority is to help you achieve your desired outcomes in your financial life by implementing an effective strategy that you understand.

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Regular Consultation

We have come to understand that in life things change and require updates.  We are here for you to help you make those changes when you need us.

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What Do Cothrine Financial’s Professional Services Cost?

There is no cost for our initial consultation.  If you decide to become a client of COTHRINE Financial, during our strategy meeting, we will discuss the available strategy implementation options.  We will always work together to find ways to minimize any direct costs to you of implementing our strategies potentially through commissions paid to us by companies we represent.

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